Martin Vallis, Photographer

Martin Vallis

Martin Vallis is a London based photographer.

He studied at Medway College 76-79, and moved to London in 1980. After working as assistant to photographer Gary Bryan, he set up his own studio in 1982, specialising in high quality still life photography.

Clients included British Airways, Volkswagen, BMW, Selfridges, Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, Boots and Lloyds Bank.

Martin also shot stills on commercials, working with, among others, Ridley Scott and Howard Guard.

A life-changing moment in 2005 caused a re-evaluation and a change of perspective.

The recent rise of digital has re-ignited Martin's love of photography, affording him the freedom and spontaneity to simply create and to quickly capture what he sees.

He is inspired by the world he encounters, whether walking in London, or on the coast, creating simple graphic images that reflect shape, form and texture.

“Throwing off the shackles of the need to be pin-sharp has been warmly received and explored by me...I simply shoot what I see.”

Martin's prints are for sale at Artfinder and Saatchi Online

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