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Is a man of Kent or is it a Kentish man? He's never quite sure which but he definitely knows he's from Kent.

He studied Visual Communication at Medway College of Art and Design 76-79 and moved to London in 1980. After working as an assistant photographer for 3 years he set up his own studio in 1983, specialising in high quality still life photography, working in the areas of advertising, design and editorial. Martin also shot stills on commercials.

A life-changing moment in 2005 caused a re-evaluation and a change of perspective. Acknowledging the grounding and business acumen that his previous involvement in the world of commercial photography had taught him, Martin decided to leave that behind and concentrate on developing his personal work and style.

The emergence of digital photography has afforded him the freedom and spontaneity to simply create and to quickly capture what he sees.

He is inspired by the environment he encounters, whether walking in London or on the coast. “ If I was to classify my style it would be simple graphic images that reflect form and texture. I don't like cluttering my images, I believe less is more. I also enjoy capturing images that may not appear to have any photographic value and change that perception. I believe there's an image in almost anything. One just needs to look. I simply shoot what I see. ”

Martin's prints are for sale at Artfinder and Saatchi Art


tel: + 44 (0)797 587 1231

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